Biography of

Elizabeth Beard Mitchell


Born Abt. 1742, Lancaster, PA
Died Mar 1830, Augusta, VA
Married James Mitchell, 11 Feb 1762 in Augusta, VA
Children Born
Mary Mitchell  
Eleanor Mitchell 1760, Lancaster, PA
Martha Mitchell 1765, Augusta VA
Thomas Mitchell 15 Apr 1767, Augusta, VA
Sarah Sally Mitchell 1772, Augusta, VA
Elizabeth Mitchell Abt. 1773
James Mitchell Abt. 1774
Ann Mitchell Abt. 1776


From the Pocahontas Times, June 4, 1931, Calvin W. Price - Editor
James Houston was a neighbor of the Weirs and he appears often in legal affairs of theirs and he appears with Cornelius Alexander as guardian for George Weir's orphans as James Mitchell executer of Thomas Beard's will in 1769.  This suite was brought to determine if Jean Beard Weir and her children had received the legacy left her by her father Thomas Beard November 21, 1786. The arbitrator found James Mitchell had to fulfilled in getting the ... and or before Jean's eldest child came of age.  In Augusta County Record, one Jean Weir became the wife of Cornelius Alexander on March 17, 1785.  What more logical.  In 1780 for Cornelius to be demanding  of acceptance of James Mitchell.  Martha Beard, or was it.  One reference says it was.  Elizabeth married James Mitchell before 1769.  For Thomas and Martha Mitchell are given a part of Thomas Beard's estate and again he refers to Thomas Mitchell's mother.  At the time Thomas Beard died it looks as if the daughter Jean was ... Mitchell was the administrator of the estate.   From this reference James must have been quite a business man ..