Biography of

Margaret Beard Ramsey


Born 1735
Died 1768, Lancaster, SC
Married Robert Ramsey, m 1755 SC; b 1730 Scotland, d 1792, Mecklenburg, NC
Children Born
Alexander Ramsey 1764, Craven SC
John Ramsey 31 May 1747, Craven, SC
Robert Ramsey 1758, Craven, SC
James Ramsey 1758, Augusta, VAA
William Ramsey 1768, Lancaster, SC
Sarah Ramsey 1768, Augusta, VA


Margaret Beard is believed to have died before 1769, as she is not mentioned in the will of Thomas Beard; whereas her husband Robert Ramsey, and their children are mentioned.

Interesting, Robert Ramsey's mother was Isabella Baird from North Carolina.