Biography of

Ada R Beard Kruger


Born 22 Jan 1876, Mill Point, Pocahontas, WV
Died 02 Jan 1972, Spokane, WA
Married Rudolph Kruger, 24 Jun 1903, Marlinton, Pocahontas, WV; b 07 Dec 1866 Grochow, Germany; d 16 Jul 1920, Apparently Oakesdale, Whitman, WA.  Ada R Beard was 2nd wife; first wife gave birth to son Ira Kruger (as backed up by Ira's daughter, Luemma Kruger).


Children Born
Wylie R Kruger 27 Mar 1904
Mary W. Kruger 30 Nov 1905
Marvin Kruger