Biography of

Carl George Beard


Born 27 Aug 1882, Mill Point, Pocahontas, WV
Died 03 Feb 1949, Mill Point, Pocahontas, WV
Married Irene Gold Callison, 08 Apr 1908, Academy, Pocahontas, WV


Children Born
Mary Martha Beard 25 Mar 1909, Mill Point, Pocahontas, WV
Janet DeWitt Beard 12 Jun 1911, Mill Point, Pocahontas, WV
Charles Edgar Beard 31 Aug 1913, Mill  Point, Pocahontas, WV

Carl George Beard lived in the center of Hillsboro which is now the Hillsboro Bed and Breakfast, run by the Burfords (Eugene and Leah).  This home was later occupied by Mary Martha Beard and Janet Dewitt Beard, both unmarried.   Located in the Bed and Breakfast is an original Bible which was given to Carl George Beard by his grandmother, Mary GIllian Beard on Christmas, 1913.



Obituary : Carl G. Beard, aged 66 years, died at this home at Hillsboro, on Thursday, February 3, 1949. he had been in failing health for several years.  The Saturday afternoon his body was laid to rest in the McNeel cemetery.  The funeral service was held from the home by Rev. Roger P. Melten, of the Marlinton Presbyterian Church assisted by Rev. A. J. Schrader of the Hillsboro Methodist Church.

Mr. Beard is survived by his two daughters, Misses Martha and Janet Beard.  An infant son, Charles Edgar, died in 1913.  his wife, Mrs. Irene Callison Beard, preceded him within a year.

The deceased was a son of the late Edgar and Lucy McNeel Beard.  His sister is Mrs. Z. S. Smith Jr., of Marlinton.

Mr.. Beard was one of the prominent and best citizens of the Greenbrier Valley.  he adhered to the Church of his fathers, the Presbyterian, and for years he had been the officer of the old Oak Grove church.

Obituary : Mrs. Irene Callison Beard, aged 64 years, wife of Carl G. Beard of Hillsboro, died of a heart attack on Wednesday, August 11 1948. .She was at the home of a neighbor, Mrs. Clark Gum, for a religious service when stricken.  On Friday afternoon, a funeral service was held from the home of Rev. A. J. Scc..?, Rev. J.K. Fleming, her body was laid to reset in the McNeel Cemetery.  Mrs. Beard is preceded by death by her husband, Carl G. Beard, and their two daughters Martha and Janet.  The deceased was a daughter of the late George W. and Martha McNeel Callison.  Of her father's family there remain her sister, Mrs. Nannie McNeel and her two brothers, Richard and Glenn Callison.