Biography of

Edwin Luther Beard


Born 24 Dec 1842, Hillsboro, Pocahontas, WV
Died 21 Aug 1931, Culpeper, Culpeper, VA
Married Mary Rebecca Hevener, 25 Sep 1867, Randolph, WV; b 17 Nov 1849 Mingo Flats, Randolph, WV; d 15 Sep 1908 , Culpeper, VA


Edwin Luther Beard was a Hillsboro Merchant, and was the last Beard to operate the Josiah Jonas Beard Mill.  He was a 1st Sgt, Co. F in the Revolutionary War, and took part in the battle of Brandy Station as "one of the foremost in the charge against the enemy" made near the old Freeman House, Stuart's Headquarters.


Children Born
Forrest Lee Beard, Sr. 10 Jan 1872
Emmett Hevener Beard 27 Feb 1879
Ella Wallace Beard 01 Nov 1881
George Plummer Beard 23 Jan 1883

Hillsboro 7 -- June 2006


Apparently the mill operation (Ed. Note -- this was the Josiah Jonas Beard Mill on Locust Creek) was passed along to the youngest son, Mr. Edwin Beard, later a Hillsboro merchant.
When the Levels Cavalry under Captain Andrew G. McNeel, 1861, were disbanded, many of its members joined the Bath Cavalry under Captain Archie Richards.  April 25, 1862, this company formed into two companies "F" and "G", and was known as the Bath Squadron, attached to the 11th Virginia Cavalry.  Dr. A.G. McChesney was Captain of Company F.  A C. L. Gatewood, 1st Sergeant, and Edwin S. Beard, 2nd Sergeant.   The following persons from Pocahontas County were members of this company:  Moffett Beard, W. W. Beard, John G. Beard, John J. Beard, James Burnside, James Callison, Clark Cochran, George B. Cochran, Andrew Edmiston, Richard Edmiston, Matthew Edmiston, John L. Kennison, Davis Kennison, D.B. McElwee, B. D. McElwee, John McCarty, A.G. McNeel, G. H. Moffet.
BEARD, EDWIN LUTHER : 1st Sgt. Co. F b Pocahontas County, W. Va. 12/24/42, Ent. Warm Springs 5/1/82.  Present as a Pvt. 1/1/63-2/28/63.  Took part in the battle of Brandy Station 5/9/63 as "one of the foremost in the charge against the enemy, made near the old Freemen House, Stuart's Headquarters".  Ab. 1st Sgt 12/31/63-4/30/64, sick with leave.  Had two horses killed during the war.  Had bullets pass through the collar of his uniform, on several occasions.  Wounded during the war.
Greenbrier Review -- Pocahontas County Convention --- "The names of Henry A. Yeager and Edwin L. Beard, Esqs., were placed in nomination as candidates for the Legislator to represent Pocahontas and Webster.  The ballot resulted in the nomination of Henry A. Yeager.
Greenbrier Review - Hillsboro, Pocahontas, Items - Mr. E. L. Beard has not yet recovered from the effects of the surgical operation performed on him in Baltimore.  Recently he had something like fever and has suffered intensely.