Biography of

Dr. Harry Lee Beard


Born 07 Sep 1869, Springs Creek, Greenbrier, WV
Died 16 Aug 1932, Lewisburg, WV

Dr. Harry L. Beard, of Lewisburg, was one of the best beloved physicians of the Greenbrier Valley.  During the World War he served the Medical Corps of the United States Army



Obituary : Dr. Harry L. Beard, aged 63 years, of Lewisburg, one of the best beloved physicians of the Greenbrier valley, died at his home on Tuesday morning, August 16, 1932.  For two years and more he had been suffering from an internal cancer.  Thursday morning his body was laid to rest besides the graves of his father, mother, and sister, the service being conducted by Dr. Smith of the Methodist Church and Dr. French Thompson of the Presbyterian Church.   Dr. Beard was the son of the late John Jordan Beard and Minerva Edminston Beard.  he was born at Renicks Valley, Greenbrier County.  His father served as clerk of the courts of Pocahontas County and his boyhood and early manhood was spent in Huntersville.  His mother preceded him to the grave four years since.  His brother is Fred Beard.  his sister, Mrs. Mollie Beard Moore, wife of Judge Forest Moore, died many years ago.  he never married.  Dr. Beard was educated at the West Virginia University and the University of Virginia.  he settled in Lewisburg for the practice of medicine and soon took rank as a leading and beloved physician.  During the World War he served the Medical Corps of the United States Army.  One whom we love lies anguished -- no human power Can help him now who gave his life for others.   No skill or care or tenderness Can bring him ease -- Only the merciful slow passing Of life itself can bring him reset again. Unselfish, patient, wise -- he lived a hero.  Facing great pain, waiting alone for darkness.  Still loving life, Always will we remember.  Always strive.  To put aside the ... in our hearts.  To live for others in our smaller way.  To follow in the path he went so long. Silently, bravely, So we can honor him.  Dr. Thompson read these lines at the grave of Dr. Beard.  he does not know the author.  he writes me.  I think that if I had been writing a eulogy of Dr. Beard, it would have been fashioned something after that immortal story as told by Ian McLaren's "The Doctor of the Old School."  In one sentence I would say "He saved others, but himself he would not save." A great and good man has gone, but I do not believe as the poet would say "into darkness"  Reason, justice and faith would all cry against it.
Greenbrier County, West Virginia          Biography of HARRY L. BEARD, M. D.

HARRY L. BEARD, M. D., a representative physician engaged in successful general practice at Lewisburg, the county seat of Greenbrier County, expresses in unostentatious and effective service his professional and personal stewardship. He is a native of this county, his birth having occurred September 7, 1869, and he is a scion of one of the old and honored families of Greenbrier County. Here was born his father, John J. Beard, and also his grandfather, Joseph Beard, whose father, William Beard, was the founder of the family in this section. Joseph Beard, a farmer and stock-grower, removed to Pocahontas County just prior to the outbreak of the Civil war, and there he

passed the remainder of his life. John J. Beard likewise was a representative of farm industry in the earlier part of his career, and after his removal to Pocahontas County lie was there elected clerk of the courts. He served as a soldier of the Confederacy in the Civil war, in which he was made lieutenant in a cavalry regiment, and he took part in numerous engagements, in one of which, near Winchester, he was wounded. He was one of the honored and influential citizens of Pocahontas County at the time of his death, in 1898. His wife was Minerva A. Edmiston. Of their three children two are living.

Doctor Beard was reared in Pocahontas County. He advanced his education along academic lines by attending Hillsboro Academy, the University of West Virginia and the historic old University of Virginia. While a student at the last named institution, in 1891, he entered its medical department, and in the same he was graduated as a member of the class of 1893. After thus receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine he entered the United States marine-hospital service at New Orleans, and while there holding the position of interne he gained most valuable clinical experience. In 1895 he returned to Lewisburg, where he has since continued in the active practice of his profession and where, in years of consecutive practice, he now has priority as the next oldest physician of the city.

When the nation became involved in the World war Doctor Beard promptly tendered his services by entering the medical corps of the United States Army, his preliminary training having been received at Camp Greenleaf, at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Thereafter he was stationed in turn at Camps Hill and Stuart. In May, 1918, he entered active service as ship's surgeon on a transport assigned to

the conveying of troops from the United States to France, and he continued his service in this important capacity until the close of the war.

Doctor Beard has been a close student of the best standard and periodical literature of his profession, has taken various post-graduate courses and has kept in close touch with the advances made in medical and surgical science. He is a Knight Templar Mason, and as a citizen he is loyal and public-spirited.

History of Greenbrier County J. R. Cole Lewisburg, WV 1917 p. 182-183 HARRY LEE BEARD, M.D. Dr. Harry Lee Beard, physician, was born on September 7, 1889. He is the son of John Jordan Beard, born in Renick Valley, W. Va., and of Minerva Edmiston Beard, of Hillsboro, W. Va. They were married in 1866. Dr. Beard's ancestor, John Beard, emigrated to America in anti-Revolutionary times, settling first in Pennsylvania, subsequently in Augusta county, Virginia, then coming to Greenbrier county, finally. To John Jordan Beard and his wife were born three children. Besides their son, Henry Lee, one daughter was born, in 1867, Mary M. Beard, who died in 1894, and a son, J. Fred Beard, born in 1871. John Jordan Beard, like his ancestors before him, was a man of some political influence. He was county clerk at one time and was also clerk of the circuit court. Harry Lee Beard was educated at Hillsboro Academy, Pocahontas county, and at the University of West Virginia, at Morgantown. He was a student, later, at the University of Virginia, in the medical department, and graduated from that institution in 1893. After leaving school Dr. Beard was stationed at the United States Marine Hospital, in New Orleans, where he remained for something over a year. He then located in Lewisburg, where he is now doing a general practice.