Biography of

Jacob Warwick Beard


Born 05 Sep 1869, Pocahontas County, WV
Died 09 Sep 1914, Beard, Pocahontas, WV
Married Blanche Lucretia Hamrick nee Harper; b 22 Jul 1879; d 22 Jul 1948

Enterprise Washer Co. - Apparently Jacob was a seller of Enterprise Washers, and and advertisement is linked here.


Children Born
Infant 09 Jul 1904
Henry Harper Beard 19 Dec 1904
Lillian Frances Beard 28 Aug 1907

Hillsboro 8 -- June 2006

  Hillsboro 8 -- June 2006



Enterprise Washer Co. - Apparently Jacob was a seller of Enterprise Washers, and and advertisement is linked here.
Bear Stories --  Last week a very exciting bear hunt took place near Mr. Moffet Beard's five miles south of Hillsboro.  The 24th being Mr. Beard's birthday he concluded to celebrate it by taking a hunt, and in company with his son Jake and Mr. William Parkins, went to the woods with guns and dogs.  They had been out a short time when the deep baying of "Trailer", a favorite hound, was heard.  Mr. Perkins went to the dog while Mr. Beard and his son remained behind looking for a chain they had lost.   After reaching the dog, Mr. Parkin's attention was directed to a great heap of leaves and snow that seemed to be agitated by something, while cautiously approaching it saw a cub bear raise its head through the leaves.  He took deliberate aim and shot it through the head.  Its death struggles aroused three more that were in the bed -- a large female and two cubs -- which scampered off in different directions while Mr. Parkins re-charged his gun.   Mr. Beard and his son now came up, but as it was getting dark they had to abandon pursuit for that day. The next morning Messrs. Thos. Callison, Henry Perry, and Dick Beard joined in the chase.  After an exciting all-day hunt, the men and dogs run the three bears down late in the evening on "Spice Run", four miles from where they had previously routed. Mr. Jake Beard, who was in advance, shot and killed one of the cubs, while the mother and the other cub quickly disappeared in the gathering darkness without giving and of the chasers a chance for a shot.  The next morning (and the third day) Mr. Charles Beard also joined the chase with his well trained bear dogs, and the party, now numbering seven men and ten dogs, hotly pursued the remaining bears.  The dogs soon struck the trail f the old one, and after a lively chase brought her to bay in a thicket of laurel.   Mr. Jake Beard was the first to get there, and venturing into the laurel was attacked by the angry bear, and would have fared badly if it had not been for Mr. Charles Beard's dogs.  They held her in check until he fired eight shots with a Winchester rifle, four of which struck vital parts and she toppled over dead.  All their efforts to trail the cub proved fruitless, and thus ended one of the biggest and most exciting bear hunts that has ever come under our notice in the county.   The three killed were very large and very fat.