Biography of

Jane Beard Weir


Born Abt. 1746, Staunton, Augusta, VA
Died 22 Sep 1841, Polk, Obion, Tennessee
Married James Brown, 04 Sep 1798, Rockbridge, VA
Children Born
Elizabeth Weir 1778, Rockbridge, VA
Jean Beard Weir 19 Dec 1780, Rockbridge, VA
Mary Weir Abt. 1780, Rockbridge, VA
Margaret Weir Abt. 1780, Rockbridge, VA
Thomas Weir Abt. 1781, Rockbridge, VA
Nancy Agnes Weir 31 Jan 1782, Rockbridge, VA


From the Pocahontas Times, June 4, 1931, Calvin W. Price - Editor

Jane or Jean Beard, the first two names seemed to be used interchangeably -- married George Weir and we find him deceased by August 8, 1781, probably he lost his life at Guilford Court House or some other battle of .. Revolution. (some unreadable portion about his sons losing life). A son, Thomas Weir, survived and it seems others though no names are given.

It seems that one James Young had bought a piece of land from the Eakins heirs, before one of them was of age. In this suit this heir is trying to recover his rights in thsi property from George Weir's heirs via Jane, the window and Thomas her son. The Eakins Andrew and James who originally sold the property are dead; George Weir lives in the French Brood in Tenn.

In this suit William Alexander, son of Robert testifies, "I heard my grandfather Thomas Beard say in 1759..". Unfortunately Chalkley does not tell what it was William's grandfather said.

it a suit filed in Dec 1806, William Beard testifies that he had married Mary or Polly Steele, daughter of Samuel Steele. The Steeles were then living in West Tennessee and in Kentucky. I suspect Peter Alexander was a brother-in-law to William Beard -- as Peter married Jenny Steele back in 1787. The Steele family were all Kentuckian and Tennessee. William Beard deposes in a suite in June 1806 that he was 71 or 75 years of age.

James Houston was a neighbor of the Weirs as he appears often in legal affairs of theirs and he appears with Cornelius Alexander as guardian for George Weir's orphans as James Mitchell executor of Thomas Beard's will in 1769. This suit was brought to determine if Jean Beard Weir and her children had .. (unreadable).. levy in 1764.. "Very aged".