Biography of

Jesse Beard


Born 16 May 1782, Greenbrier Co. WV
Died 03 Sep 1867
Married Sarah Lewis, 08 Oct 1810



Samuel Wallace Beard 03 Oct 1816





Early in the settlement of this locality also came William Kincaid who owned and occupied the Jessie Beard farm now owned by A. P. Pence, which property has recently become famous as a summer resort by reason of the medical qualities of the Buffalo Sulphur Springs. Little did Kincaid dream of the medical properties boiling up out of this lick to which he then saw the wild [55] buffalo rushing with madness to slake his thirst. It may be incidentally remarked here that traces of the old Buffalo path leading across Keeney’s Knob, from the Buffalo Springs to Green Sulphur Springs are still to be found. Kincaid moved west about the beginning of the present century, and so far as we know, left no immediate descendants in this county. It is supposed on reasonable authority that William Kincaid belonged to the Kincaid family of Augusta and came here about the same time that the Grahams settled at Lowell.