Biography of

Josiah Osborne Beard


Born 29 Apr 1847, Near Lewisburg, Greenbrier, WV
Died 28 Jan 1924, Green bank, Pocahontas, WV Old Age
Married Eveline Medora Yeager, 06 Oct 1869; b 18 Jun 1852 Pocahontas Top of Alleghany; d 04 Mar 1934, Greenbank, Pocahontas, WV


With his sky-blue eyes and curly black hair, Josiah was known in Greenbrier County as Curly Joe.  near the end of the Civil War when he was not quite seventeen years old he joined Company D, 14th Virginia Cavalry at Lewisburg, and he was wounded in the side at Chancellorsville which serving under confederate General McCausland.


Children Born
Blanche Beatrice Beard 04 Jul 1870
Irby Rymer Beard 02 Jun 1872
Leslie Osborne Beard 14 Apr 1874
Bertha McQuade Beard 10 Feb 1876
Bertie McHenry Beard 10 Feb 1876
Arthur Joe Beard 13 Jul 1879
Ruby Evelyn Beard 19 May 1881
Brown Buren Beard 26 Jun 1883
Margaret Yeager Beard 25 Mar 1886
Samuel Monroe Beard 25 Mar 1886
Mary Fannie Cleveland Beard 07 Oct 1888
Edmonia Nellie Bly Beard 12 Jun 1890
Wilma Will Montelle Beard 14 Sep 1893


I fought the good fight...

I finished the course...

I kept the faith.

Josiah Osborne Beard holding Baby?   Picture taken at wedding of Ruby Beard and Mack Kerr at Arbovale, 17 Sep 1902.



Obituary - Josiah Osborne Beard - In the death of Josiah Osborne Beard at his home in Greenbank, West Virginia, on January 28, 1924 Pocahontas County and this section of the State lost one of its substantial and influential citizens.  he was born at Lewisburg, West Virginia, April 29, 1847 and thus at his death was 76 years, 8 months, and 29 days of age.  Surviving him are his wife, Eveline Yeager Beard, daughter of the late John Yeager and seven children, Irb, Leslie, and Monroe of Arbovale, Sheriff Brown B. Beard of Bartow, Mrs. W. N. Snedegar, and Mrs. Don Harper of Elkins and Mrs. W. A. Arbogast of Morgantown, also one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Burner of Durbin and one half-sister, Mrs. Virginia Chapman of Richwood.  Six children preceded him to the grave, Blanche, Fannie Cleveland, Arthur Joe, Quade, Mrs. Bertie Clark and Mrs. Ruby Evelyn Kerr.  There are thirty-three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Mr. Beard has been in failing health for some weeks.  Everything that medical skill and careful nursing could render was given but he gradually grew weaker. The funeral service was conducted at the home on Wednesday, January 30 at ten o'clock by his pastor, Rev. L. S. Shires assisted by Rev. M. D. Monroe, after which he was lain to reset in the Arbovale cemetery.  The large crowd in attendance at his funeral regardless of the very severe weather was an evidence of the high esteem to which he was held by the citizens of the county.  When only sixteen years of age Mr. Beard volunteered for service in the Confederate army and served his country faithfully until the close of the war as a member of Company D Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry.  As the opening of the campaign of 1864 the Fourteenth was in Greenbrier and Monroe counties.  They were ordered to Staunton to join the forces trying to outflank or delay Hunger on his march to Lynchburg.  General John McCausland, now  living in  Mason county was in command of the Brigade of Cavalry of which the Fourteenth was a part.  They did good service in the task assigned them.  The regiment saw its hardest service in the Valley Campaign of that year under Early.  After beating Hunter at Lynchburg and pursuing him as far a s Salem, Early set out down the Valley to threaten Washington.  They cross the Potomac and defeated General Lew Wallace Monocacy.  For a while this took quite a severe battle.  The Fourteenth took an active part in the ?? a number of its men.  they ??? on, got in front of Washington and had to retire when their ?? forts and breastworks occupied ?? Wright's corps from Granin?? front of Richmond.   The ?? was with McCuasland with ?? Chambersburg ??
CSA - COo D 14 VA Cavalry
Brown Buren Beard
Nellie Blanche Beard

When Papa was born on the upper Greenbrier on June 26, 1883, his uncle Brown Yeager asked my grandmother to name the baby after him. Also, his uncle Adam Martin Van Buren Arbogast made the same request. So the eighth child of Eveline Yeager and Josiah Osborne Beard was christened, Brown Buren.

One of 13 children, Brown Buren was born in a log house, the old Yokum house that stood in a field near the Winterburn church. At the time of his birth, the post office for the area was Travelerís Repose and his cousin Peter Dilley was postmaster. When he was a small boy the family moved to Green Bank near Bruffey School. Shortly thereafter, his father purchased the Jacob Gum farm on the plateau that later became the site of NRAO.
My father, Josiah Osborne Beard, was born April 29, 1847, near Lewisburg in Greenbrier County, the son of Samuel Beard and Margaret Ann (Knapp) Hutsonpillar; who had been widowed at the age of twenty before her marriage to Samuel Beard.  After the death of Josiah's parents, he was raised by his grandparents John and Nancy McCintic Beard.  With his sky-blue eyes and curly black hair, Josiah was known in Greenbrier County as Curly Joe.  near the end of the Civil War when he was not quite seventeen years old he joined Company D, 14th Virginia Cavalry at Lewisburg, and he was wounded in the side at Chancellorsville which serving under confederate General McCausland.  October 6, 1869, he married Eveline Medora Yeager, who had been born June 18, 1852, a daughter of John and Margaret (Arbogast) Yeager.  Eveline, who was called Evie by her husband, had black eyes and hair and looked like her mother.   When Eveline was two years old, she was kidnapped, and when they discovered she was missing, the family became alarmed because panthers were known to be in the area, but they soon found her along the road to Traveler's Repose.  She had been playing in the road in front of her home when either the driver or a passenger on a stagecoach asked her if she wanted to go for a ride, and she had reached up and had been taken.  Each of the men tried to blame the other, and it was never determined which was responsible.  When young Eveline was asked what had happened her only reply was that she had been "ridin in a waggy".  As a young girl she watched the Battle of Allegheny from the family home, which was hit by a hail of bullets during the fighting.  She saw the Confederate flag fall once and be raised again, then, during a lull in the action, Colonel Baldwin took the family to his house away from the battlefield for safety.   Eveline was baptized, along with her younger brother Paul McNeill (Mack) in 1856 at a camp meeting held at the old church that stood at the present Arbovale cemetery.  Their parents had ridden to the meeting in a wagon and stayed fo several days. Mack was still in dresses and had run out of clean ones, so they borrowed one for him to wear for his baptism from Mrs. Sallie Gum.  before, and after the War mother attended school at the Green Bank Academy and while there, she boarded at William Wooddell's.   Eveline's father died in 1861 and her mother in 1865.  After her mother's death she lived mostly with her sister, Mrs. Eliza Ann Yeager Arbogast, wife of Adam Martin Van Buren Arbogast, on the Upper Tract, about three miles from Travel's Repose, which is now called Bartow, having been named Barteau in honor of a Confederate soldier of French Ancestry.  Evie married Josiah Beard at her sister's home, and another sister, Frances Elizabeth Yeager Kerr, along with Josiah's sister Sarah Beard Arbogast, held a reception for them at Green Bank.  Josiah and Evie first set up housekeeping in April, 1870, at the Yeager family home place at the Top of Allegheny, where they lived until 1871, when the moved to what is now Winterburn, one mile above Thornwood.  in the mid-1880's, they moved to near the Bruffey Schoolhouse, northeast of Green Bank, so their children could attend school there and at Green Bank.  After a few years they they bought a farm a couple of miles north of Green Bank, where they resided the rest of their lives.  Josiah Beard died January 28, 124 of old age, and his wife died March 4, 1934 o heart trouble and old age.  Both are buried in the Arbovale cemetery.

Josiah and Evie's first child, Blanche Beatrice, was born at Top of the Allegheny, July 4, 1870, and died March 27, 1873 of appendicitis.   Their second-born was a son named Irby Rymer, who was born June 2, 1872 at Winterburn.   He was married April 18, 1900 to Cordie May Wooddell, and was killed June 22, 1936, by a team of runaway horses.   Leslie Osborne Beard was born at Winterburn April 14, 1874.  he was married June 2, 1897 to Rubie Mae Ralston, and was killed in a tractor accident November 7, 1931.  Twin Daughters, Bertha McQuade and Bertie McHenry, were born at Winterburn February 10, 1876.  Bertha was still single when she died of diabetes December 21, 1896.  Bertie was married April 18, 1900, to George Lynn Clark, and died of flu and pneumonia March 2, 1920.  Arthur Joe was born at Winterburn July 13 1879, and was killed by lightning at Green Bank June 21, 1890.  Ruby Evelyn was born Mary 19, 1881 at Winterburn, and was married September 17, 1901 to James McNeel Kerr.  She died February 2, 1922 of pneumonia contracted as a complication of injuries received in an automobile accident.  Brown Buren Beard was born at Winterburn June 26, 1883.  he had hazel eyes, stood six-foot one-inch tall and weighted 160 to 180 pounds.  he was married September 27, 1905, near Green Bank to Nellie Blanche Gum, who was born near Green Bank February 3, 1884.  he died of heart trouble on Easter Sunday April 6, 1969, and his wife died at Marlinton March 27, 1978.  Brown and Blanche had two children, Virginia Raine born November 29, 1906 , east of Traveler's Repose, died of spinal meningitis July 31, 1907.  Jessie Brown was born May 6, 1915, at Bartow.  She was married November 29, 1941 to William Willard Powell, and they have three children; Susan Elizabeth, Jane Beard, and Ann Brown.  Brown Buren Beard served as Pocahontas County Deputy Assessor for Green Bank District from 1916 until 1920, and as Sheriff from 1920 until 1924.  he became a member of the County Court...