Biography of

Louise McNeel


Born 08 Jan 1919
Married Ben Boone








Hillsboro Library was founded by Mrs. Louise McNeel, who died in August, 2003 at the age of 89. She continued to be an enthusiastic supporter, generous donor, and hard-working volunteer. Above all, Louise McNeel exuded life, energy, and selfless giving to her community. The Hillsboro Library was graced by her presence and will aspire to live up to the dreams she had for it.

From Pocahontas Times Site :


(Hunters who lived in adjoining tree
trunks and disagreed on theology.)

Their hollow trees stood bark to bark,
They built two fires to melt one dark
And to disperse one copper fear.
They notched two sticks to count one year.

The English Rubric was the bone
To chew together, gnaw alone.
Since Jake confirmed and Steve denied,
And both beliefs seemed justified
In scripture which they knew by rote
And did not hesitate to quote,

Each mountain dawn the hill-domed air
Carried two versions of one prayer:
"Guide poor blind Steve for Jesus' sake"--
"Send wisdom, Lord, to lame-brained Jake."

~ Louise McNeill