Biography of

Margaret E Beard McClintic


Born 25 Nov 1866
Died 20 Sep 1878
Married  Moses McClintic, 1820

Margaret Beard was the daughter of Colonel Samuel Beard and married Moses McClintic.  Moses served in the War of 1812, in Captain Solomon Taylor's Company in the Ohio Valley.



Children Born
Samuel Beard McClintic 28 Sep 1823, Greenbrier, WV






Birth Record - Margaret E. Beard - 25 Nov 1866, Greenbrier, WV; Mother Esteline M. Beard, Father Saml. C. Beard, occ: Physician, res Greenbrier Co.

MOSES MCCLINTIC B. 1789 and D. August 8, 1856. MOSES married MARGARET BEARD on October 20, 1820. MARGARET B. April 20, 1802 and D. July 8, 1876. MARGARET BEARD WAS THE DAUGHTER OF COLONEL SAMUEL BEARD. MOSES served in the WAR OF 1812 in CAPTAIN SOLOMON TAYLOR'S COMPANY in the Ohio Valley. As a youth, he attended Dr. MacElhennings Academy in Lewisburg. The year he married he built a cabin on Culverson's Creek, and served as Superintendent on COLONEL JOHN STUART'S farm near Frankford. He was a very frugal man with his money and when he died he had over $20,000.00 in cash and bonds. Although he was very conservative with his money in personal use, he was very lenient in helping his Church, M.E. South. MOSES paid off the mortgage at the Frankford Church while a member there and at Lewisburg when he transferred his membership. His only child was SAMUEL who was born in 1823 and died in 1840.

Old Stone Church Cemetery

Alice C. Jan.6,1831-June 18,1874   43Y 5M 12D
Delia M. Jan.11,1864-Oct.26,1865   1Y 9M 15D
Elizabeth Sep.19,1854 w/o Andrew
Etaline M. Hamilton Dec.7,1835-Dec.4,1912 w/o S C. 76Y 11M 28D
Lillian R. June.11,1861-July 24,1918  57Y 1M 13D
Margaret E. Nov.25, 1866-Sep.20,1878  11Y 9M 25D
Phil J  Apr.28.1869-Dec.31,1892  23Y 8M 3D
Ruth Mason Apr.30,1874 2nd w/o S C  43Y 9M 4D
Dr. S.C. Oct.3,1831-Auf.26,1905   74Y 9M 4D
Samuel S Dec.31,1910-June 4,1911 s/o S C & R M    5M 5D
Silas Boxley Apr.8,1903-Aug.2,1903   4M  6D