Biography of

Margaret Walkup Beard


Born 03 Jan 1771, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Died 24 Oct 1851
Married Samuel Beard, 12 May 1795; b 24 Sep 1771, Botetort Co., VA, d 05 Jun 1850, Greenbrier, WV


Children Born
Christopher Beard 01 Apr 1798
Joseph Beard 10 Sep 1810
John Beard  1796
Andrew Beard 21 Sep 1806
Margaret Beard 20 Apr 1803


Will Book No. 2 Pages 442-443, Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society
Tester Samuel Beard/Greenbrier County
Witnesses : B.F.Renick/J.H.Steel/J.H.Brown
Devisees :(son) John (grandsons) Samuel Beard, Robert Beard, Christopher Beard, Samuel B. McClintic, John I. Beard (wife) Margaret Beard (daughter of Christopher Walker Sr.), (son) Joseph Beard (grandson) Samuel Christopher Beard, John Abraham Beard (son) Andrew Beard (daughter) Margaret Beard (son) Christopher Beard.

To my two grandsons, Samuel B. McClintic, son of Moses McClintic and John I. Beard, son of Joseph Beard, about 485 acres of land, and their heirs forever. Has 1050 acres of mountain land, which is to be sold.

From W.VA Heritage Encylopedia:
He (Samuel), a farmer, twice served as high sheriff of Greenbrier county making the senior magistrate occupy that office. He married Margaret Walkup, a native of Lexington, VA. She lived to a great age, and Samuel himself attained he age of 80 years, dying in 1848. They reared a family of fix children. Their son Christopher Beard was born in April 1, 1798 in Greenbrier County, and through life followed agricultural pursuits. He was of a quiet thrifty nature and took no very active interest in public matters beyond performing his duty as a citizen. He died in August 2, 1840 after a brief illness. His widow survived until 1888, dying at the age of 82 years. She was a daughter of Abraham McNeel, and his wife, who was a Bridger.