Biography of

Mary Beard Dunlap


Born 1726, Staunton, Augusta, VA
Died 1796, Maury Co. TN
Married Samuel Dunlap, Abt. 1748; b 1715, emigrated to US Abt. 1730, d 25 Apr 1791; Waxhaw, NC

Mary Beard Dunlap (1730-1796) Headstone

Waxhaw Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Maury Co., Tennessee


Children Born
Thomas Dunlap  


Next we go to a website which shows the Waxhaw Church Cemetery in Lancaster County, South Carolina. As one scrolls down on this page, there is a photo and description of the grave of one Samuel Dunlap, who is said to be a son of the Alexander Dunlop who married Antonia Brown. This Samuel Dunlap is listed there as being born in Scotland in 1715 and is said to have emigrated to America in about 1730 (when he would have been about 15 years old), and then married Mary Beard, daughter of Thomas Beard. Mary Beard is said to have been born in 1730, and so their marriage must have taken place in about 1748 or later (when Samuel was about 33 years old or older). This website also says that Samuel died in 1791. However, a closer inspection of the Scottish peerage records, shows that Antonia (Brown) Dunlop was born in 1654, and would have been 61 years old when Samuel was born. Thus, the record on the Waxhaw tombstone most probably refers to another younger Alexander Dunlop and Antonia Brown. Samuel was more probably the son of Prof, Alexander Dunlop (1682-1742) and a younger Antonia Brown (b. 1694), who is of the same family as the older Antonia Brown (b. 1654) who married Alexander Dunlop, 16th of that Ilk.

Rt - Samuel Dunlap  Middle- Mary Beard Dunlap
Samuel Dunlap (1715, Scotland; d. Apr. 25, 1791, Waxhaws; emig. to America ca. 1730)
Samuel Dunlap was the son of Alexander Dunlop of Scotland and Antonia Brown
Mary Beard Dunlap (1730-Dec. 5, 1796), dau. of Thomas Beard

Thanks to Lhuff - She did not marry 2nd James Coursey. James Coursey did marry the widow of Robert Dunlap however her name was Mary Elizabeth Gay Dunlap daughter of William Gay.   3 Sep 2007