Biography of

Mary Irene McNeel


Born 09 Jan 1865
Died 19 Jun 1931, Academy, Pocahontas, WV
Married  None


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Obituary : On June 19, 1931, the life of a lovely woman in the city of Portland, Oregon, closed its earthly career and soul winged its flight to the home of the immortals.  Being the fourth daughter an seventh child of Captain Wm. L. McNeel of civil War fame -- in a family of ten children, she gave up and resided for several years in the old ancestral home in the Little Levels of Pocahontas County West Virginia, and settled by them in the seventeenth century.  It is the regret of many of her associates, friends and relatives that her life was not spared long enough to return to live among us, so that hen the final summons came -- as it does to all of us -- she could have been laid away in the old ancestral God's Acre.  her father being a cordial, lovable man, known far and wide for his kindly deeds and abounding hospitality ot rich and poor, high and low in all walks of life -- it is no wonder that the seeds of truth, service and good will fell into the rich soil of this lovely home with its winsome atmosphere and blossomed into full fruitage in the should of this daughter and all his descendants.  Her gift of song and cheer was wonderfully sweet and clear and when she and her two devoted sisters, Pauline and Maggie, moved away to Mount Sterling, Kentucky and then into the far west, it left her niche of service empty in her homeland that has never and cannot be tilled.  We share our love, sympathy, and sense of great loss with all who knew and loved her.  but especially do the yearnings of our hearts go out to the two sisters who daily face the empty void in their home that her presence alone can fill.  From friends who knew and appreciated her true worth.  M.
Obituary : After a long illness, Miss Mary Irene McNeel passed away on Friday June 19, 1931 at her home 925 Oregon St., Portland, Oregon.   She was born near Hillsboro, W.Va. January 9, 1865, and was the daughter of Capt. Wm. L. and Margaret Beard McNeel.  She is survived by two sisters, Pauline and Maggie at Portland, and two brothers Wm. L. of Eton, Wyoming, and Joseph S. at the old home stead in W. Va. and many loving friends and kind neighbors who did all that was humanly possible to help and to cheer her during the long months of suffering.  The following lines were written in memory of her by a devoted friend, who, herself, has known long years of patient suffering.  our loved one's gone, we cannot grieve.  her sufferings now are o'er. The rest she surely craved has come.  When pain can be no more.  her dimming eyes and wasting form, We've watched for long, long years.  We suffered too, did all we could.  And now we have no tears.  T'will not be long 'till we too, will go. This life is but a span -- A Chance to help out nature's laws, That God has given man.  Ellen A. Fairchild.