Biography of

Paul Kellison Beard


Born 1 Oct 1953, Meshoppen, Wyoming PA
Died 20 Dec 1975, Pottsville, PA
Married None

Paul Beard - Age 17 - June 1971 High School Graduation. (Dallas High School, Dallas, PA)

Paul Kellison Beard graduated from Pennsylvania State University, Wilkes-Barre Campus in 1974 along with his brother Alan, who went to the same school and graduated the same year.  Paul gained an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering.  He worked for PennDot in Conshockan, PA while coop'ing for his degree, and settled in Pottstown, PA where he worked for several firms.  Paul gained a first degree black belt in Taekwondo in 1975.  His life tragically ended in December of 1975 in a single passenger car accident while returning from a company Christmas party.

Paul was very keen on his karate, and met Chuck Norris in North Carolina in 1975.   He had plans to open his own karate school and was skilled at teaching others.

Paul Kellison Beard received his middle name from his great grandmother, Nancy Kellison Weiford (Mother of Beulah Weiford Beard).

Jeffrey Paul Beard (Son of Alan Lindley Beard and Patti Jane Heath Beard) is named in honor of Paul Beard, Alan's brother


Alan Lindley Beard, Shirley Elaine Place Beard Fairchild, and Paul Kellison Beard, College Graduation Penn State Wilkes-Barre Campus, May of 1974.


Paul Beard and Chuck Norris, Circa 1975

Paul Beard Circa 1975

Fern Knoll Burial Park, Dallas, PA. Taken April 2007



Soar through the air let your spirit fly free,
and with the catch of an angel this is where you want to be.

You are lifted up with grace and taken high above,
you are showered with peace and protection but most of all showered with love.

For now you have no anger no tears, fear or pain,
these feelings you held are released and now happiness is all you will gain.

So take their hands of freedom your new life is not to fear,
and remember we'll never forget you as your love will always be near.

Bianca Lee Russell, Australia