Biography of

Robert Alexander


Born Nov 1746, Rockbridge, VA
Married 10 Mar 1774, Nancy Ann Austin, b 10 Mar 1758, Bedford, VA and d 1846, Bedford, VA
Children Born
John Alexander 1780, Rock Castle, VA
Susan Dabney Alexander 22 Jan 1799, Lynchburg, VA
Esther Alexander 18 Jul 1778, Campbell, VA
Catherine Wilson Alexander 17 Jun 1786, Rock Castle, Campbell
Mary Glenn Alexander  
Hugh Alexander 1780


Esther Beard died in 1769. The Rockbridge County History says that Robert Alexander died in 1787.


the founder of the first classical school in the Valley, was a brother of Captain Archibald Alexander, and preceded the latter to America and to the Valley. He married, in Pennsylvania, Esther Beard. His children wereŚ

1. William, who died in Rockbridge, in 1829, leaving children; 2; Robert, who lived in Campbell county, and was clerk of the county court for many years, being succeeded in office by his son, and he by his son, both called Jack Alexander; 3. Peter, who, it is believed, went to the West; 4. Hugh, who died unmarried; 5. James, who married Peggy Lyle, of Rockbridge, and removed to Greenbrier; and daughters, Ann, Esther, Ellen and Sally. The last-named was the second wife of Colonel John Wilson, of Bath county.