Biography of

Thomas Beard III


Born Jan 1776, Botetourt Co. VA
Died 22 Dec 1853, Greenbrier Co. WV
Married (1) Katie Price, bef 1805
Married (2) Mary Skiles, 22 Aug 1805; b Abt 1776 Pennsylvania, d Greenbrier, WV; 13 Aug 1853

Thomas was a bondsman of the first Pocahontas County court where his brother, Josiah Jonas served as first clerk; and served in War of 1812.


Children (2) Born
Evaline Anvilla Beard 16 Jun 1806, Greenbrier Co.








The Pocahontas Times - Nov 1962

Among the very early pioneers of Greenbrier County was John Beard and his wife, Jennett Wallace.  John was a captain in the Revolutionary War and two of his sons served as officers in the War of 1812.  There were eleven children born to this union.  In John's will dated May 11, 1808 he left to his youngest son Josiah Beard the Locust Creek Plantation and Mills.  Josiah Beard was born in 1792, and when he became of age he located on the land left to him by his father.   He married Rachel Cameron Poage, and they, in turn were the parents of eleven children.  One of these children was Wallace Warwick Beard, the father of William Warwick Beard, who unveiled the portrait of his grandfather in the courthouse at Marlinton on November 14.  In March, 1821, the Virginia legislature passed a resolution to form a new county which was given the name of Pocahontas.  Josiah Beard was appointed as the first county clerk, with Thomas Beard, his brother, as one of the bondsmen.   The first court was held on March 5, 1822, at the residence of John Bradshaw in Huntersville, Virginia, now West Virginia.

Many years ago Mrs. Don (Wilma Beard) Harper, of Elkins, was asked if she had, or could locate, a picture of Josiah Beard to be used for the purpose it is being used.  About a year ago she obtained a daguerreotype of Josiah Beard from his grandson from which she had it copied and painted in oil by her husbands niece, Arlene Bailey Davis.  As her father, Josiah Osborne Beard, was a grand-nephew of Josiah Beard, the Clerk, and he was named for him, it was with pride and pleasure that she shred the honor seeing Josiah Beard's grandson, William Warwick Beard, unveil the painting, commemorating for Pocahontas County one of the historical events associated with the formation of the county.  Brown B. Beard, serving for a number of years as a member of this court, is also the son of Josiah Osborne Beard.  Both are direct descendents of Major Samuel Beard of Greenbrier County, mentioned above.


Tradition has it that the Old Lewisburg Academy was founded in 1810, but there is no record of the exact time. Certain it is that Dr. John McELHENNEY (we use that spelling, but it should be of interest to note that the original spelling was "McILHENNEY"), its founder started his school by 1812, for there is a deed on record in the Clerk's office of this county, in deed book No. 5, at page 414, from John McCLANAHAN to John WAIR, which reads:
"The said party of the first part does, this 15th day of October, 1812, grant unto James WAIR, his heirs and assigns two acres of land lying and being in the county of Greenbrier, adjoining the lot on which the Lewisburg Academy is erected, and bounded as follows:.."etc.

Quoting from the act of incorporation, passed January 29, 1812:
"And act establishing an Academy in the town of Lewisburg in the County of Greenbrier. "Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that James MARRS, Charles ARBUCKLE, James L. CLOWNEY, James WITHERS, Thomas CREIGH, John MAYS, James McLAUGHLIN, the Rev'd John MICKLEHANEY, John WELCH, Christian PIERCY, Henry HUNTER, Thomas BEARD, John MATHEWS, John STUART and William RENICK, of the county of Greenbrier, Allen TAYLOR of Botetourt, Samuel BLACKBURN and William POGUE of Bath, Hendley CHAPMAN of Giles, Andrew BURNS and Isaac ESTILL of Monroe, David RUFFNER of Kanawha, Jesse BENNETT of Mason, and Elisha McCOMAS of Cabell County, gentlemen, be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name of 'the Trustees of Lewisburg Academy in the County of Greenbrier'

The report was adopted and in pursuance of this action seven ministers and six ruling elders met in Lewisburg on the second Tuesday of April, 1838, for the organization of the Presbytery

At the organization of the Greenbrier Presbytery there were seven ministers and six ruling elders present.  Those persons were:  Rev. John McElhenny, Rev. Francis Thornton, Rev. James K. Brown, Rev. William G. Campbell, Rev. David. R. Preston, Rev. Joseph Brown, and Rev. John Blain; and Ruling Elders George Rapp, Moses W. Fuque, Samuel Brown, William Shanklin, Thomas Beard, and T. O’Hara.  The number of ministers was increased immediately by the reception of Rev. Festus Hanks, Rev. A.S. Morrison, and Rev .Francis Dutton were not present.\

James Morrow Will Abstract:

James Morrow - Greenbrier County
To--Mary, wife; James and Samuel, sons; James Spencer, grandsons, Agnes Craegg and Jane Mymer, daughters. Gave wife land on which he lived and at her death land to be equally divided between the two sons. Witnesses: Thos. Beard, Sam'l Beard and Robert Stephons.
Dated Nov. 6, 1797, probated January Court, 1790 (surely this date must be a typo)
Source: :Greenbrier Wills 1780-1865" by Pauline Haga

Larry G. Shuck's book of Greenbrier Deeds & Wills shows the names as Mary Morrow, James Morrow, Samuel
Morrow, Agnes Craigg, Jane Wymer. Shows Exec. as James Hanna, Security; Robt Stephens, John Miles. Shows prob as Jan. 1798.

Thomas Beard d 22 Dec 1853, Greenbrier County, WV, 77y 11m Spouse Mary Beard, Occupation Farmer, Mother Jennet Wallace Beard, Father, Jno Beard.

Mary Beard d 13 Aug 1853, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  67y. Birthplace Pennsylvania, Spouse Thos. Beard, Occupation, Spinster. Mother Rebecca Skyles, Father Wm Skyles.