Biography of

William Sherman Beard


Born 29 Oct 1922, Hillsboro, Pocahontas, WV
Married Mary Alice Young, June 11, 1948 Lewisburg Methodist Church; b. Jan 18, 1947

Taken April, 2007 in home of Sherman Beard south of Hillsboro.

Mary Alice Young Beard and Sherman Beard

Children Born
William Sherman Beard Feb 6, 1956
Katheryn Ann Beard Mar 4, 1950
Ellen Lynn Beard May 17, 1953


Audio Interview (Jan 4, 2003) of WWII Army Air Corps 459 Bomb Group, 756 Bomb Squad, Service Location Italy, First Lieutenant, Born 1922, Hillsboro, WV.
During visit with Sherman Beard in April of 2007, Sherman talked about his father, a progressive farmer in Hillsboro, WV.  He spent many hours in his youth with his grandfather, Matthew Lee Beard
William Sherman, AF pilot in WWII and progressive farmer; married Mary Alice Young. They had three children: Kathryn married James Bloguh, both graduates of WVU. They have 2 children, Matthew and Mark; Ellen Lynn, graduate of Ohio State Univ in Veterinary Medicine, lives in Danville, VA. William Sherman Jr. attended WVU and lives on the family farm: (b) Robert Lee (1926) married Lois Knight (1927). Both attended WVU. They have three children, Nancy married William Ingram, one-son Robert. A Suzanne married Stephen Cox. One daughter Stacy; Mathew Lee (19935) married Gloria Sage, both graduates of Marshall College, one daughter Emily. (5) Eva Margaret (1898-1977) married Eric Clutteer (1902-1971). They had three daughters (a) Dorothy (1925) marries Charles Callison. They had two daughters, Carol married Larry Evans, one son. Paul Joseph; Cynthia a graduate of Penn State University (b) Margaret Ann (1931) married James Reynolds and lives in Sarasota, FL (c) Linda (1937) married Thomas Walker. They have two children, Kathryn and Thomas Wayne Jr. both in college.