Genealogical DNA Testing

In December of 2006, I had my DNA Tested to determine Y-DNA-12 Test Markers.   This part of my genealogy project was suggested by Mark Hill, and the hope is to clear up some of the confusion regarding the migration of Thomas Beard from Northern Ireland (assumed) to the New World; and how was he related to the other Beard families who migrated at that time.

For those new to the process, the testing of the most basic 12 marker test is about $100.   A kit and a release form arrives in the mail.   The kit consists of three vials of soapy liquid and three scrapers.  The test involves rubbing the scraper on the inside of your mouth for about a minute, and then dropping the tip of the scraper in the soapy water.  Repeat for other two vials (which I assume are backups in case the first did not scrape properly).

The testing process seems to take about 4-6 weeks before the results are sent.  The results were sent to me on December 27, 2006 (by E-Mail) and they provide you a link to various types of information.

Following the December 12 Marker test, I decided to have the full 67 marker test done (an additional $200).  This provides more markers and hence more precise matching.  However, since most people only have the 12 marker test done, the available database of donors is reduced for matching purposes; however there are some interesting hits..

The DNA test indicates a haplogroup (in my case, it is haplogroup R1a (Cluster 1).  The Beard/Bard/Baird project groups individuals with these last names by haplogroup.  Within my haplogroup, there are about 35 individuals of last name Beard/Bard/Baird.   Many of these are traced back to New England (Leicester, Worchester County, MA Bairds) and back through Scotland and Ireland.   Also some hits within Cumberland County, PA, Georgia, Alabama, and Soutch Carolina.

Exact Matches

The first report are the individuals who have also been tested, and who are you exactly genetically matched with.  My matches included 82 individuals (each individual is listed with their name and e-mail address, all listed individuals have signed a release form with ftdna, so they are allowing contact).

Three of the individuals have Beard surnames.    There were also quite a few Brandon surnames, as well as many others (Abrams, Davenport, Krueger, O'Garr, Ivy, Aarvak, Potera, Selvig, Sandin, Armstrong, Nordby, Johansen, Eccles, Chubey, George, Fraude, Hutson, Hanshaw, MacLeod, Awan (one of the interesting ones.. Arabic!), Blake, Spenks, and others).

I have e-mailed several of the Beard surnamed individuals, thought I would start there.


Recent Ancestral Origins

This database in the ftdna project describes those countries of origin where I match or closely match, according to the country of origin the individuals put down who were tested.   Not surprisingly, the top countries of exact matches are:

Country Number of Matches
England 11
Scotland 21

On the "One and Two Step Mutations", the top countries are:

Country One Step Two Step
Denmark 7 11
England 62 78
Germany 39 68
India 10 42
Ireland 19 21
Lithuania 5 14
Norway 37 37
Poland 19 65
Russia 12 39
Scotland 55 48
Sweden 16 25
Ukraine 6 14
United Kingdom 13 27